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Perrine has worked with:

  • Translation agencies
  • Private companies
  • Individual
  • Institutional organisations
  • Tourism professionals
  • Law professionals

Perrine works with clients all over Europe in many different sectors. She translates commercial documents for major multinational companies, upholding the strictest confidentiality with regard to names, brands and content.

Perrine's expertise is complemented by a diligent methodology and the use of online, terminological and translation tools to guarantee quality work, most specifically with regard to:

  • Quality assurance to meet a client’s needs, ensuring well-crafted work in impeccable French
  • Adherence to the specific terminology used in each sector
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Three key values: ability to react, flexibility in her approach and high standards of professionalism
  • Strict confidentiality of brands, content and documentation
  • Competitive rates for a high-quality service
  • And the factor that can make all the difference: a pleasant professional to work with, who is on hand and understands what is required of her work


Perrine has worked with:




  • «J'ai eu l'occasion de demander à Perrine BROCA, à plusieurs reprises, de nous traduire d'importants, volumineux, et très technique dossiers. Les traductions étaient parfaites à 100%, et remises dans les temps. Prestations qualité Prix 9,5/10. Je continuerai à faire appel à ses services, qui m'ont permis d'obtenir plusieurs affaires. Merci Perrine pour votre sérieux et votre efficacité.» Félix COBOS. F.COBOS INGENIERIE sous-marine
  • «We have been working with Perrine for a number of years and have always been impressed by the high standard of her work. She is definitely our best choice for all French translations.» Christian Feldermann
  • «Dentro del amplio grupo de excelentes traductores técnicos en todos los sectores (medicina, aeronáutica, biología, informática, veterinaria, turismo, arte, etc, etc...) cabe destacar a acreditados profesionales como: Dña. Perrine Broca (Traductora Técnico Francés)» Traducciones Costa Blanca
  • «Perrine has brilliantly performed for me a quite tricky feasibility study. She really is reliable and my future success is dedicated to her!» Anne Villeneuve
  • «Muy buena traductora, cumple plazos de entrega y muy dispuesta a ayudar siempre.» Acentual
  • «Perrine is a great colleague altogether: very professional, always willing to help and extremely accurate in her work. She is always my first choice for her language combination.» Paola Prats
  • «Sin duda alguna, una gran traductora al francés. Es un placer trabajar contigo, Perrine.» Lingua-Franca
  • «High quality, very professional and very nice.» WordsOn
  • «…conozco a Dña. Perrine Broca desde enero de 2013, momento a partir del cual comenzamos a forjar una estrecha relación de colaboración profesional. Desde entonces, he podido observar cómo aquellas cualidades necesarias para el ejercicio de la traducción —además de las cinco competencias fundamentales, a saber: traductológica, lingüística, terminológica, cultural e investigadora— se iban consolidando como las mejores armas de su perfil: dedicación plena, precisión, creatividad, puntualidad, compromiso y profesionalidad, entre otras.» wptraductores
  • «Very professional. A pleasure to work with.» Fabian Luttman
  • «Very helpful and nice. We'll definately keep working with her!» Mc LEHM Vendor Manager